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Converting a house or other building into studios, flats or maisonettes is an excellent long-term investment prospect. We can work with any architect - and recommend our own if necessary - to ensure everything goes smoothly from beginning through to completion and after-sales support.

The planning stage is the most important in any house conversion. You will need planning permission, and there are also important building regulations to consider, all of which we can advise on.

We can also provide ideas and guidance for making the best use of the available space to generate maximum returns. You may for example, want to include a loft conversion or basement conversion. We cover:

  • House Conversion

  • Loft Conversion

  • Garage Conversion

  • Basement Conversion

  • Roof Conversion

  • Bungalow / Barn Conversion


House Conversion


Loft Conversion


Garage Conversion


Basement Conversion


Roof (Conservatory) Conversion


Bungalow / Barn Conversion

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