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A house extension enables you to make the most of the unused space you already have in your home. Whilst providing you with additional living space, a property extension can also significantly add value to your property. With the increased costs of moving home, many more homeowners are turning to extensions to create the additional living space they need, without having to move house. We are one of the top extension builders and build a large number of extensions every year and help homeowners all over London and Hertfordshire in their homes. We specialise in not only a home but bungalow extensions, having one story can be too compact therefore many of our customers are bungalow conversion owners, create-room are extension builder specialists in London & around.

If you are looking to extend your home or bungalow and would like to discuss the possible options available to you, please contact us. Our friendly team is always available to discuss your ideas and can offer guidance on whether you are looking to add an extension, loft conversion, garden room or even just renovate your existing space with a kitchen extension. Our teamwork reflects the attention to detail and quality. We are: 

  • Rear Extension Builder

  • Side Extension Builder

  • Loft Extension Builder

  • Garage Extension Builder

  • Single Story Extension Builder

  • Double Story Extension Builder

  • Multi Extension Builder

  • Kitchen Extension 


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